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Warren Family Homepage

Bill & Martha

Sydney, Nova Scotia


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Our main interest lies in family genealogy – our family roots being firmly planted in the island of Newfoundland. We have several excellent links for those of you who have similar interests in researching Newfoundland family history. We hope you will find something of interest to you here. Please take a moment to sign our guest book and stop by again soon !!

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            Every family has its own history, its own heartbeat…

            A family is where life begins and love happens.

                                              Margaret Fishback

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            The linking of generations,the historical lineage of  

            family, the sharing of love… give purpose to life.

                                          George Landberg



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There are so many people who have helped us with our family research in so many ways. We would like to be able to thank everyone individually but that is almost impossible. Some of these people include: Capt. John Russell, Wayne Pike CG , Cyril Fitzgerald, Ray Drover, Kay Moores, Carol McGrath, Iris Chatman, Jean Smith, Almond Bowen, Ella Penny, Blan Humby, Hilda Quinton, Brenda Stewart, Barbara Martin, Leander Hussey, Ena Tilley, Allan Tilley, Blaine Hussey, and the following deceased: George Warren, Ambrose Humby, Wilfred Tilley, Anna Lane.

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