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Wild Cove Anglican Cemetery

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Wild Cove Anglican Cemetery

Summerville,Bonavista Bay

Summerville was known as Indian Arm prior to the settlement being renamed in 1904. The Wild Cove Cemetery is an old Anglican Church Cemetery located at the farthest tip of the community accessible only by foot (approximately a 10 to 15 minute walk from the community), or by small boat.  The cemetery is located on a grassy piece of land situated above the beach, and over the years a large number of headstones and graves have been lost due to erosion by wind, water and time. Some of those remaining are in good condition, others are very difficult to read.  Almost all have beautiful lengthy inscriptions following the names of those resting there.


MARY FRYE Nov.12,1800 - Feb.11,1889    Age 89 years  3 months.

These next two headstones are side by side enclosed by a wooden fence:

BLANDINA FRY Wife of Josiah Frye.  June 27,1913 Age 25 years 8 months.

MARTHA FRY Wife of John Fry July 10,1912

EDWARD Beloved Husband of Martha and Sarah Humby.  Born Dec.4, 1827 Died June 24,1912. Age 85 years 6 months 20 days.

MARTHA HUMBY  Beloved wife of Edward Humby. Died Nov.2,1879 Age 49 years.

WILLIAM  MATTHEWS Beloved husband of Sarah Matthews  Died Oct.16,1954 Age 75 years.
SARAH J. MATTHEWS Died Nov.11,1973  Age 89 years.

JOHN Beloved husband of Mary Elizabeth Matthews
Died June 28,1925. Aged 75 years 3 months.
MARY ELIZABETH Beloved wife of John Matthews Died Dec.15, 1929.Aged 84 years 7 months.

The following inscriptions are on one tall headstone surrounded by a wire fence:
JANE HUMBY Died May 27,1920. Aged 67 years 3 months.
JOHN HUMBY Died October 17,1920 Aged 70 years 9 months.

The following two inscriptions are on one headstone:
GEORGE NEWELL Died July 1,1885.Aged 16 years 11 months.
JOHN NEWELL   Died April 21,1911.  Aged 22 years 7 months.

The following three headstones are side by side enclosed by wire fencing:
ELIZABETH ABBOTT   Beloved wife of Samuel Abbott.  Died Dec.18, 1961. Age 64 years.
SAMUEL ABBOTT Died April 26,1963.Age 72 years 5 months.
PHYLLIS Daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Abbott.
Died April 30,1943.  Aged 3 years 1 month.

JOHN ABBOTT   Beloved husband of Emmie Jane Abbott.     Died March 31,1936. Age 57 years.

SOLOMON ABBOTT  Beloved husband of Lucinda Abbott.  Died June 8,1913. Aged 69 years 7 months.

JOB ABBOTT Died August 24,1857.Age 22 years.

 ISSAC Son of Mark & Elizabeth Abbott. Died Sept.4, 1863.  Aged 24 years.

One Headstone:
Erected by Joseph and Jane Matthews
In Memory of their children:
BESSIE Died March 5,1862  Aged 4 years.
AMY Died March 26,1862 Aged 5 1/2 years.
LIZZIE Died March 27,1872 Aged 3 years.

The following headstone is lying on the ground almost completely overgrown with grass and weeds :
SUSANNAH  HUMBY Died June 28,1914. Aged 30 years 10 months.

There is one other headstone  almost completely overgrown with grass and weeds-- which was impossible to gain any information from with the exception of the name; but I include it here just in case it will be of help to anyone researching the name from this particular area:   "CHARLES QUINTON".