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Anglican Cemetery Open Hall

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Anglican Cemetery Open Hall
Wild Cove Anglican Cemetery

            Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland. 


           Katie Theresa Miles--Died at Clarke’s Beach, Dec.31, 1901--age 7 years
           Parents--John A. and Sarah Miles

           John Alexander Miles--Drowned near St. Brendans, Aug.11, 1900--Age 31
           Son of Catherine Miles

           Henry Miles--died Oct.19, 1921. Age 78 years.

           Catherine Miles-- died Feb.26, 1926. age 84 & 1/2 years

           Sarah Fitzgerald, wife of Edward Fitzgerald--died Jan.1, 1924. Age 22 years

           Martha(Quinton)--wife of Robert Fitzgerald--died Aug.31, 1907

           Robert Fitzgerald--1856-1928

           Elizabeth Fitzgerald--wife of Thomas Fitzgerald--died Nov.3, 1912. Age 62 years

           Alice Fitzgerald (nee Garret), wife of William Fitzgerald, died Oct.8, 1937.  Age 81 years.

           William Fitzgerald-husband of Alice--died Sept.18, 1917. Age 67 years.

           Also son James Fitzgerald--died in France Oct.17, 1918. Age 31 years.
           Harold C. Russell, husband of Mary Ann--died March 2,1965. Age 74 years.

           Mary Ann Russell--1902-1981. Age 79 years .

           Samuel Russell 1930-1992. Age 62 years.

           Catherine Gould, wife of William Gould--died March 5,1927.  Age 75 years 10 months.

           William Gould--died Aug.27, 1906. Age 66 years.

           Martha Handcock--died Nov.6, 1903.  Age 75 years.

           Emily Gould--died March 3,1973. Age 85 years 6 months.

           William Gould Nov.16, 1960. Age 80 years.

          (Also) Son John(Gould)--died May 2,1927.  Age 2 months

           Samuel Warren (1842-1897) Age 55 years.

           Hannah Warren (1848-1942)

           John (Warren) (1873-1906)

           James (Warren) (1878-1947)

           Joshua Warren--Died Jan.4, 1954.  Age 64 years.

           Mary Kate (Quinton) Warren--died Oct.25, 1978. Age 87 years

           Mary Warren, daughter of Joshua & Mary Kate--died May 16,1937.
           Aged 14 years,6 months. (1923)                

           John E. Fitzgerald (1871-1948)

          (Wife) Mary Fitzgerald (1872-1946)

           Walter Bertram Fitzgerald July 21, 1904 - Feb.12, 1939.  Age 34 years.

            James Fitzgerald, husband of Sarah Fitzgerald--died Feb.8,  1909.  Age 61 years.

            Sarah Warren, wife of James Fitzgerald--1850-1888. Age 38 years.

            James Fitzgerald--Died March 4,1970. Age 59 years.  

           Mary Ann Muggridge,wife of Walter Muggridge. Died March 9,1976.Age 82 years.

           Walter Muggridge,husband of Mary Ann Muggridge. Died August 24,1971. Age 86 years.

            In memory of Annie Muggridge,died May 11,1937.Aged 15 years 7 months.
            Erected by her brothers.

             Raymond Muggridge 1928-2000

            Martha Jane Fitzgerald, wife of James McB.Fitzgerald. Died Nov.30,1927.
            Aged 48 years 10 months. Erected by her sons Ronald and Albert.

             James McBriar Fitzgerald died November 30,1940.Aged 72 years 9 months.

            One Headstone:
            Hannah Fitzgerald.Died Nov.12,1901.Aged 29 years.
            Erected by husband James McBriar Fitzgerald.
            Also their son Walter Brown died August 18,1901.Aged 1 month.

            Walter Fitzgerald,drowned at Sydney October 11,1902.Aged 39 years.
             Son of John and Lucinda Fitzgerald.

             John Fitzgerald.Died Feb.22,1895.Aged 74 years.
             Also his wife Lucinda.Died March 17,1912.Aged 75 years.

              The following headstone had no other data other than the names:
              George and Elizabeth Gould.
              Our brothers Charles and Chesley.
              Also our sister Eleanor.

              Son and brother Douglas Batt.Died April 27,1921. Aged 20 years 10 months.

              Barnabas Batt,drowned at Little Fogo Island September 8,1906.Aged 56 years.

            One double headstone:
            James Batt. Died Feb.16,1900.Aged 87 years.
            Elizabeth Batt. Died March 31,1905. Aged 81 years.

            One headstone:
            John Batt 1856-1945
            Sarah J.Batt 1863-1945
             Erected by their daughter Emily.

           One headstone:
           William James Philpott. Died May 3,1974. Aged 75 years.
            Uncle John-- Died Dec.19,1932. Age 59 years.
            Erected by their brother and sister.

            One headstone:
            Father James Philpott. Died Nov.23,1929. Aged 76 years.
            Mother Elizabeth Philpott.Died Feb.26,1946.Aged 71 years.
             Erected by sons and daughter.

            Thomas Richard Philpott. Died April 29,1977. Aged 79 years.
            Erected by his wife Emmaline and sons.

            Emmaline Philpott 1915-1988.

            Walter Philpott. Died October 28,1977. Aged 67 years.
             Erected by Philpott family.

            James J. Philpott 1945-1988.

          One headstone:
           John Gould. Died March 8,1946. Aged 68 years.
           Also his wife Janet.Died Feb.5,1946. Aged 63 years.

           Captain William Gould. Died April 25,1998. Aged 80 years.

            Martha Handcock Died Nov.6,1903. Aged 75 years.
            Erected by the Shears family.

            There were three graves marked only by a large stone with no data given.
                               Transcribed by Bill & Martha Warren ( September 2001)